26th May 2006

Cristina Moreno
Writer. Teacher. Enthusiast. | The Rambling Fangirl

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Greetings, fellow sentient beings! I’m Cristina–a book reading, blog writing, kid teaching, music loving, picture taking gal. I spend my days in a classroom with adorably messy and fantastic preschoolers. I spend my nights hanging with my dog and being sucked in by all that the Internet has to offer. I maintain this little blog and also freelance for Examiner.com (where I am the New York Rock Music Examiner). I’ve also written for Dance Retailer News and have edited two novels and an assortment of short stories.

I live in New York, just close enough to feel the energy of NYC and far enough that I don’t ever become immune to its charms. I love photography, music, writing, hardcore concerting, spending money I don’t have, H&M, water, flip-flops, checkered Vans, Cylons, commas, alliteration, big words, geeks, my faith, my friends, my family, and my Mac.

Welcome to my world. ♥

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