Farewell, Staycation.

3rd January 2016



Why is it that I can never get into the swing of a vacation until the very end? I woke up early for the first few days off and then slowly but surely, I went to bed later and woke up later. It’s going to be very sad tomorrow when I have to get up at 5 a.m. But for now, the happy things.

A friend of mine posted an article at the beginning of holiday break that went something like this: Teachers, do not do work over vacation or your brains will surely explode! Which…is kind of true. I planned to go in to work over the break so that I could get things done. Clean, organize, set out new works for the kiddies. Ultimately, the pull of home was too strong and I realized there was plenty to do over here. It was nice to spend extra time in bed with my husband and the pup. It was nice to just kind of relax. One day, I didn’t do a damn thing at all and it was perfect.

This vacation was about cleaning the basement (my current living space), doing tons of laundry (so damn necessary), spending time with friends and family, and just remembering what life is like without a daily commute and stress. This was the recharge staycation. The next one deserves an actual getaway. We’ll see what we can do.

Today is Steven’s birthday. He’s 30! Yay! There are hugs to be had, special treats to be made, and laundry…always laundry. I hope you all have a great week and for all of the teachers out there: YOU CAN DO IT.

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