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NYC Artists Come Together to Support Local Hurricane Sandy Relief Benefit

15th December 2012


Examiner: NYC Artists Come Together to Support Local Hurricane Sandy Relief Benefit

When Hurricane Sandy hit the U.S. coast, it left a trail of destruction stretching for hundreds of miles and affecting at least 24 states. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut were some of the hardest hit, and the devastation is still being experienced by so many. Though money has been raised to help repair and rebuild the affected areas, millions more are still needed to help these communities return to some semblance of normalcy.

Rockland County, a suburban area just 15 miles away from New York City, was left approximately 75,000 homes without power and many neighborhoods were damaged by extreme flooding and fallen trees. Though power has been restored and most of the trees have been cleared, the recovery process is still underway. To assist in the efforts to restore this community, Lady About Town Productions and The Projects Film Company have teamed up to organize an all day benefit on December 16th, Stand Together: The Rockland County Disaster Relief Community Festival, with proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity and People to People.

Stand Together will host a farmer’s market from 10am to 5pm with food and crafts from local vendors and light entertainment for families and children of all ages. From 5pm to 12am, a benefit concert will be held featuring New York artists Fort Lean, Spirit Animal, Stout Cortez, Maryn and the N.R.G., DJ Machine of Shinobi Ninja, and Dumpster Hunter. Examiner spoke with Steve Cooper of Spirit Animal and Jeff Taylor of Dumpster Hunter about their bands, how they were affected by Hurricane Sandy, and why they wanted to be involved in this relief concert.

Can you tell me a little about yourselves? Where did you grow up? What kinds of music did you listen to when you were younger?

SC: I’m from Silver Spring, Maryland, about ten miles outside of Washington, D.C. Growing up I had the double whammy of music I heard from my parents—oldies like the Beatles and Mama’s and the Papa’s—and music I hid from my parents, which was mostly rap and R&B. It wasn’t until my freshmen year of college that I was introduced to all of this incredible “alternative” music like Bjork, Tricky, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, and Aphex Twin.

JT: I’m from New Jersey. Growing up, my mom and dad played Bonnie Raitt, Dire Straits, Randy Newman, and The Eurythmics on road trips. It wasn’t until my mid-20’s that I started appreciating the real beauty of those artists, but I’m glad I was exposed to them. Later on I drew power and confidence from bands like Pearl Jam, Green Day, Nirvana, and Rage Against The Machine.

How did your bands eventually form? Did you always want to be musicians?

SC: I had been dubbing vocals into the little mic hole of my tape player over instrumental cassettes since middle school. There are some lip syncing videos of me and my friend Alex doing “La Bamba” at the age of six, pretending to play guitar behind our heads and with our feet. I didn’t even get a guitar until I was 19! I got my first beat machine for high school graduation, which is when producing started. The Spirit Animal idea, though, began in L.A. around 2007. When I moved back to the East Coast in 2010 it really started to come together as the rock n’ roll band you hear now when I was reunited with Paul Michel, our bass player. Paul and I had lived and made music together in D.C. and are very close.

JT: Mark Guiliana (drums) and I have been playing music with one another since we studied music together at university in New Jersey. He and Steve Wall (keys, guitar, voice) grew up about 20 minutes from my hometown, even playing in the same marching band drum line. However I didn’t know Mark before college and met Steve much later – by coincidence – at a South Orange, NJ open mic in 2005. Chris Morrissey, our bass player, is another close friend of ours and joined the band last year.

What can audiences expect from your benefit performance? What is your live show experience like?

SC: The live show is our favorite part, no question. We dance and sing and interact with each other the whole time because we want the audience to feel like it can do all of those things, too. Lead by example, you know? We love the idea of doing a really good job, of leaving it all on the stage, of not taking anything for granted. No shoegazing or anything like that. We like to look people in the eye…and sweat on them.

JT: Expectations are tough to live up to. Still, if I’m not sweating at the end of a show, there’s a problem. I know we had a good show when, after the last song, I turn around and the guys are slack-jawed and exhausted. When there’s nothing left to give, and the audience is just as unsure as we are of what’s just happened, we’ve probably done something we’ve never done before. That’s a good feeling.

Your bands are based primarily out of Brooklyn, along with many of the other bands playing the benefit concert. Are there any lesser-known or local bands we should be listening to?

SC: A lot of the bands on the year-end lists as the most popular/best new bands are great, of course. As for slightly lesser-known artists that are bubbling up I’ve been listening to My Jerusalem (who are awesome live), Wild Cub, Haim, Papa, Mikky Ekko and Shakey Graves. My fave new Brooklyn bands this year are probably Caveman and Sinkane.

JT: Taurus, Chris Morrissey’s band, has a brilliant record out called “Canon Falls Forever.” I’m also a big fan of Elizabeth Ziman, a songwriter from Brooklyn. She and her band, Elizabeth & The Catapult, taught me lots and lots about melodies and cool arranging ideas. Plus, I filched some cool guitar voicings by studying her amazing piano playing. Trixie Whitley is an amazing singer, guitar player, and songwriter. Her new record, ‘Fourth Corner,’ will be out on January 29th. I cannot say enough about Trixie – as a musician, a poet, or person. I’m endlessly inspired by her live performances. Gabriel Rios is brilliant; a New York City artist from Puerto Rico via Belgium, he blows my mind every time I hear/see him. His songs are like paintings of last night’s dreams which you realize you’d forgotten. His poetic mind is very free, his rhythms are infectious, and his songs are epic.

Finally, let’s talk about the Stand Together relief concert. How did you experience Hurricane Sandy? What made you what to get involved with the relief efforts happening in Rockland County?

SC: Sandy hit extra close for us because it totally wiped out this awesome, huge studio called The South Sound that Paul had a hand in building. It was also where we rehearsed and stored some of our gear so we lost thousands of dollars worth of stuff (we’ll be playing someone else’s amps at the benefit!). Fortunately, nobody close to us suffered any physical harm and we know there are far, far worse stories in terms of lost possessions and financial burden. Still, it was sad to walk into the place that for us represented a budding Brooklyn music community only to see a grand piano on its side and old rock posters shriveled up from water reaching eight feet up the walls.

When we were asked to participate in the event through one of the promoters it was a no-brainer. The other bands are awesome and any time you get a chance to work with an organization as established and respected as Habitat for Humanity, you jump at the chance.

JT: I live in Brooklyn and have been away on a solo tour since two days after Sandy hit town. So, this benefit will be my first opportunity to participate, if only in a small way, to the efforts of rebuilding and recovery in our area. The other guys in the band have been volunteering since early November. My brother, Shane Taylor, is co-founder of They’re a screenprinting company out of Brooklyn Navy Yard and have been donating thousands of relief-themed shirts to charitable organizations for sales in support of Sandy Relief. It’s great to see local artists pooling their resources and talents, coming to the aid of neighbors in need.

Here’s the event rundown…

What: Stand Together: The Rockland County Disaster Relief Community Festival

When: Sunday, December 16, 2012. 10am-5pm: Farmer’s Market featuring local vendors, food, and family-friendly entertainment! 5pm-12am: Raffles, art installations, and a benefit concert showcasing six amazing bands and performers!

Where: 60 Cedar Hill Avenue, Nyack, New York (Estate of Stanley Acker)

Why: All proceeds will support relief efforts being made by Habitat for Humanity and People to People.

How: Monetary donations as well as donations of canned food and toys will be accepted all day. The entrance fee to the benefit concert is $10 or $5 with the donation of canned food or a toy.

For more information, please visit the Stand Together Facebook page. You can also contact Joanne Louis-Paul (@joanneabouttown) of Lady About Town Productions or Kahlea Baldwin (@KahleaBaldwin) of The Projects Film Company.

DRN_WDW_Mar12 copy

What Dancers Want: Fancy Footwear

20th March 2012

(Originally published in Dance Retailer News, March 2012)

Anya Garnis, Burn the Floor, So You Think You Can Dance
Jessica Goldstone, NETS Dancers
Cameron Adams, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Download:WDW-March 2012)

25 SXSW Artists

25 Artists to Check Out at SXSW

13th March 2012

It’s that time of year again. The time when thousands flock to Austin, Texas like a hoard of media-obsessed locusts. Time for South by Southwest.

South by Southwest began in 1987 as a way to promote struggling local artists looking for ways to share their music with the world. While many recognized coastal U.S. cities as creative hotspots, they were unaware of the talent being served up deep in the heart of Texas. The first SXSW, which had almost 700 participants, was a success and quickly gained international interest and acclaim. Now with over 16,000 participants, SXSW is the hottest place to showcase creativity and innovation in technology, music, and film.

South by Southwest 2012 launched on March 9 with its Interactive fest and continues through March 19, closing out with the SXSW Film Fest. Today the SXSW Music Festival begins and with over 2,000 live acts from all over the world scheduled to perform, we thought you could use a quick guide to some of the most buzzed about artists on our radar. These are the 25 performers you should see while you’re partying it up in Austin.

(1, 2, 3)

1, 2, 3: Pittsburgh natives who bust out a great mix of tunes (some soft and dreamlike, others thunderous and energetic) influenced by classic rock, blues, and punk. Also, they feature a glockenspiel. That’s really all you need to know.

Performance schedule: 3/14 – State of Mind – Molotov Lounge (719 W 6th) – 2:55pm

3/14 – Frenchkiss Party – Stage of 6th (508 E 6th) – 11:45pm

3/15 – Pure Volume – Roy’s (340 E 2nd) – 2:00pm

3/15 – KXLU Showcase – Domy Books (913 E Caesar Chavez St) – 6:20pm
3/16 – Windish Party – ND Studios (501 N IH-35) – 8:00 pm

(Adam and the Amethysts, Celia Perrin Sidarous)

Adam & The Amethysts: This “psychedelic folk” band from Montreal is fun and lively, with kick ass percussion and harmonies. Indie rock that you can be proud to listen to.

Performance schedule: 3/15 – Pop Montreal “Pop Is Serious” Day Party – The Spill (212 E 6th Street) – 1:20pm

3/16 – And So…Day Party – Spiderhouse (2908 Fruth Street) – 1:00pm

3/16 – Dare To Care Showcase – The Spill (212 E. 6th Street) – 11:00pm

(Bear in Heaven, Shawn Brackbill)

Bear in Heaven: These Brooklynites are part of a new wave of futuristic rock. They’re synth-driven and a little bit trippy, which is always cause for a good time. Don’t forget your dancing shoes.

Performance schedule:
 3/13 – Pitchfork x SXSW Interactive – The Mohawk (912 Red River St) – 11:00pm
3/14 – Brooklyn Vegan – Hotel Vegas (1500 E 6th) – 5:00pm

3/15 – Under The Radar Showcase – Flamingo Cantina (515 E 6th) – 4:05pm
3/15 – Secretly Canadian / Jagjaguwar / Dead Oceans Showcase – The Mohawk (912 Red River St) – 10:30pm

3/15 – Roy’s Austin/Stereogum’s Range Life – Pure Volume House (340 E 2nd) – 2:00am

3/16 – Urban Outfitters (2406 Guadalupe St) – 5:00pm

3/17 – Hometapes Friend Island – Papi Tino’s Backyard – 5:00pm

(Country Mice)

Country Mice: It’s Kansas meets New York with this band. They have an old school rock vibe with a dash of country. The tunes available on their bandcamp page are easy to get into and will be caught in your head for days. The lead singer also sounds a little like Jack White. No complaints here.

Performance schedule: 3/16 – Midgetmen’s Texas Jumpstart – Lovejoys (604 Neches St) – 1:30pm
3/16 – FarXFarOut Fest – Far Out Home Fittings (2801 Manchaca Rd) – 4:00pm
3/17 – The Camel House (604 E 6th St- 2nd Floor) – 5:00pm

(Cymbals Eat Guitars)

Cymabls Eat Guitars: Loud and sometimes experimental, this is the music you want to sing along to as hard as you can. Ambitious without being too pretentious or out there.

Performance schedule: 3/15 – Barsuk/SXSW Official Showcase – Red Eyed Fly (715 Red River St) – 12:10am

3/15 – Brooklyn Vegan – Hotel Vegas (1500 E 6th)– 2:15pm

3/16 – Under The Rader – Flamingo Cantina (515 E. 6th Street) – 1.30pm
3/16 – KVRX Session – KVRX Station (2500 Whitis Ave) – 4:00pm
3/16 – HGTV/Bottle Rocket Marketing – The Studio at HGTV (304 W 4th) – 1:00am
3/17 – The Onion – Club DeVille (900 Red River St) – 1:00pm

3/17 – Pure Volume/BUZZMEDIA – Pure Volume House (340 E 2nd ) – 5:00pm

(Dirty Ghosts)

Dirty Ghosts: Singer, songwriter and all around badass rocker, Allyson Baker heads up Dirty Ghosts. She started off in the Toronto punk scene when she was a teenager and has been making music ever since. The tunes make you move, but they have enough of a hard edge to satisfy the genre fans.

Performance schedule: 3/13 – Panache Party – Scoot Inn (1308 E 4th) – 11:00pm

3/14 – KVRX Party – Spider House (2908 Fruth St) – 12:45pm

3/14 – Panache Showcase – Beauty Bar (617 E 7th) – 12:00am

3/15 – CHECK YO PONYTAIL – Emo’s (603 Red River St) – 1:20pm

3/15 – Vagabond/ATX Sound Day Party – 450 E 7th & Navasota) – 3:30pm
3/16 – And So Party – Spider House (2908 Fruth St) – 6:00pm

(Emil & Friends)

Emil & Friends: Emil Hewitt added a link on the wiki page for actor Emile Hirsch to promote his band. They are not at all related, except for the name. Well, without the e. In conclusion: He’s a trickster who makes groovy, MGMT-like music.

Performance schedule: 3/14 – Black Bell/Modern Art/Cantora Records Showcase – Side Bar (602 E 7th) – 2:15pm

3/17 – Cantora Showcase – Lambert’s (401 W 2nd) – 12:00am

(Emma Louise)

Emma Louise: Emma Louise is a self-taught singer/songwriter whose talent has been recognized from early on. She’s already won two prestigious songwriting awards and her album debuted at number one on the independent music charts in Australia. Her song, “Jungle” (we dare you not to love it), landed on the top iTunes charts in ten different countries. Oh and she’s 19 years old.

Performance schedule: 3/14 – Frenchkiss Showcase – The Stage on 6th (508 E 6th) – 9:30pm

3/15 – B.D. Rileys Pub (204 E 6th) – 5:00pm

3/16 – Aussie Taste & Tunes – Whole Foods Markey (525 N Lamar Blvd) – 1:30pm
3/17 – Aussie BBQ – Maggie Maes Rooftop (323 E 6th) – 9:00pm

(Eternal Summers)

Eternal Summers: This duo turned trio from Virginia has been the darling of many music blogs. The band threatens to “rock your face off” on their website, but mostly they seep into your brain with their laid-back vintage style.

Performance schedule: 3/14 – KVRX Showcase 29th Street Ballroom @ Spiderhouse (2908 Fruth St.) – 7:45pm

3/14 – Holy Smokes – Light Bar (408 Congress Ave) – 11:00pm

3/16 – Kanine/Etnies/Origami Vinyl – Beauty Bar –(617 E. 8th Street) – 2:30pm
3/17 – The Studio by HGTV (304 W. 4th St.) – 9:00 pm


Fidlar: These LA dudes supply some energetic jams. Crunchy guitars, hard drums, and room to dance around. They also seem a little bit crazy and we mean that in the best way possible. Beware of moshing or, you know, jump right in.

Performance schedule: 3/13 – White Iris Showcase – Parkside (301 E 6th) – 10:30pm

3/14 – Origami Records/Echo Texas Throwdown – Shangri – La (1016 E6th) – 3:15pm

3/14 – Vans Showcase – Main (603 Red River) – 8PM
3/14 – Get Bent Showcase – The Spider House (2906 Fruth St) – 12:00am

3/15 – Fader Fort – Pine Street Station (1101 E5th) – 2:15pm

3/15 – Dickies/Filter House – Lustre Pearl (97 Rainey St) -6:00pm

3/16 – WNYU Party 940pm – Baby Blue Recording Studio (1522 E. 12 Street) – 9:40pm

3/17 – Mess With Texas Day Party – MWTX Lot (1100 E 5th) – 12:30pm


Freshkills: Despite taking their name from the Staten Island landfill, these Brooklyn rockers are so fresh and so clean. The bass and drums here are undeniable and their music is infused with that special New York something that will be a blast to see in Austin.

Performance schedule: 3/14- BrooklynVegan day party- Hotel Vegas – 12:10pm
3/17 – Rockin’ Tomato Pizza Day Party

(Grimes, Raphaël Ouellet)

Grimes: Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, is a Canadian artist with a strong visual presence in her music. Performance art? Pop? We don’t know, but we sure like it.

Performance schedule: 3/15 – Pitchfork SXSW Showcase – Central Presbyterian Church (200 E. 8th Street) – 10:45pm

3/16 – Filter SXSW Showcase – S.O Terik Clive Bar (609 Davis Street) – 11:30pm
3/17 – Urban Outfitters SXSW Showcase – Back Lot (2406 Guadalupe St.) – 6:00pm

(Gringo Star)

Gringo Star: Hailing from Atlanta, these guys went are a mix of swinging British pop and harder, more layered sounds. Garage rock for the masses.

Performance schedule: 3/14 – ATL Renegades Baseball – DOWNS Park (1200 Alexander Ave) – 1:30pm
3/16 – Official SXSW Showcase – The Loft (215 E 6th) – 1:00am

3/17 – Audiotree Day Party – Swan Dive (615 Red River St) – 1:25pm

3/17 – 40 Watt Day Party – Side Bar (602 E 7th) – 5:30pm


Hands: If you only watch the video on their homepage, you won’t get the full scope of what these guys can do. Their indie rock tunes are all about the tempo and their drummer is ace. Definitely someone to keep an eye on during their shows.

Performance schedule: 3/14 – Buzzbands LA Day Party – Opal Divine’s Firehouse – 12:00pm
3/15 – Small Plates/Ultra8201 Showcase – Lovejoy’s – 3:45pm
3/15 – Krian/BFM Showcase – The Iron Bear – 10:00pm

3/17 – Puma Social House – 2:30pm

(Little Hurricane)

Little Hurricane: This duo from San Diego has a growing reputation for being a kick butt live act. Their music has a sound that is sultry, tough, and effortlessly cool. A much harder version of The Civil Wars, with bonus tattoos and percussion.

Performance schedule: 3/13 – Conflict of Interest Party/Hype Machine – Hype Hotel (Trinity & 5th) – 10:00pm

3/13 – Rock ‘n’ Riverboat – Lady Bird Lake (800 W Riverside Dr) – 4:40-7:00pm
3/15 – Hear Ya + Founder Enterainment – Beauty Bar (617 E 7th) – 12:00-5:30pm
3/16 – Auditorium Shores – Auditorium Shores (800 West Riverside Dr) – 5:45pm
3/16 – Fontana Party/Frye Boots – Buffalo Billards (201 E 6th) – 9:00pm


Oberhofer: Brad Oberhofer’s sound is light and whimsical, but his voice is anything but. The songs are authentic and raw and should fit in perfectly with the SXSW crowd.

Performance schedule: 3/13 – The Conflict of Interest Party @ Hype Machine – Hype Hotel (504 Trinity St) – 8:00pm

3/14 – Fader Fort (1101 E. 5th Street) – 5:50pm

3/14 – KCRW SXSW Showcase – Haven (409 Colorado St) – 9:00pm

3/15 – Waterloo Records (600 N. Lamar Blvd, Suite A) – 3:00pm

3/17 – Filter Magazine’s Showdown – Cedar Street Courtyard (208 W 4th) – 4:00pm

Parlovr: These guys have a sound not unlike their Canadian brethren, Arcade Fire, but with enough originality to distinguish themselves. There’s a bit a punk feel, too, and they seem like a band that will explode on stage…in a musical way.

Performance schedule: 3/14 – Brooklyn Vegan/M for Montreal Showcase – Hotel Vegas (1500 E 6th) – 2:15pm

3/15 – Arts & Crafts Showcase – 512 Bar (408 E 6th) – 9:30pm

3/16 – Scene 1425/Exclaim Showcase – Spill Bar (212 E 6th) – 1:30pm
3/16 – NXNE Showcase – Club DeVille (900 Red River St) – 9:30pm


Polica: Okay, so these folks use auto-tune. You still with me? Somehow they manage to make it soft and enjoyable rather than, well, everything else it is associated with. It’ll be interesting to see how the sounds work live.

Performance schedule: 3/13 – Campfire Trails Showcase – Bar Bar (218 E 6th) – 1:00am

3/14 – IODA Day Party – Red Eyed Fly – (715 Red River St) – 2:15pm

3/14 – Billboard – ACL Live Moody Theatre (310 W Willie Nelson Blvd) – 8:00pm
3/15 – NPR Day Party – Parish (214 E 6th) – 2:30 pm

3/15 – Paradigm Showcase – IFC Crossroads at Vice (302 E 6th) – 7:00pm

3/16 – Brooklyn Vegan Day Party – Hotel Vegas (1500 E 6th) – Time TBD
3/16 – ETNIES Showcase – Beauty Bar (617 E 7th) – 4:00pm

3/17 – Hard Rock Hotel Presents – Cedar Door (201 Brazos St) – 12:30PM
3/17 – FILTER Party – Clive Bar (609 Davis St) – 4:00pm


Pujol: Tennessee native, Daniel Pujol speaks with a soft, Southern tone that belies his hard rock sound. With clever lyrics and an aggressive style, you’ll be singing and thrashing along in no time.

Performance schedule: 3/14 – Brooklyn Vegan – Hotel Vegas (1500 E 6th) – 1:30pm
3/14 – Panache Showcase – Beauty Bar (617 E 7th) – 11:30pm
3/15 – Austin Psych Fest – Spider House (2908 Fruth St) – 1:00pm
3/15 – Live4Ever UK – ND Studios (501 N IH-35) – 3:15pm

3/15 – Impose Party – Longbranch Inn (1133 E 11th) – 8:45pm

3/16 – Third Man Records Showcase – Stage on 6th (508 E 6th) – 10:00pm

3/17 – Rollo & Grady Party –Symphony Square (1101 Red River St) – 1:35pm
3/18 – Panache Hangover Party – Beerland (711 Red River St) – 3:00pm


Races: This six-piece band from California blends indie rock, a touch of Motown, sweet harmonies, and great lyrics. Funky and seamlessly put together, we’re interested in seeing how their acoustic set plays out.

Performance schedule: 3/14 – Origami/Spaceland Party – Shangri-La (1016 E 6th) – 2:20pm

3/14 – Frenchkiss Official Showcase – The Stage On 6th (508 E 6th) – 9:00pm
3/16 – KXLU Day Party – Domy Books (913 E Caesar Chavez St) – 1:00pm
3/16 – The Orchard Day Party – Parkside (301 E 6th) – 3:30pm (acoustic)

(Radical Dads)

Radical Dads: Brooklyn rock band featuring a member of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. If you like short and punchy tunes, you’ll dig these guys.

Performance schedule: 3/15 – Treehouse Diddly/Sapparo/Datapipe Showcase – Cheers (416 E 6th) – 8:30pm

3/16 – The Orchard Day Party – Parkside Lounge (301 E 6th) – 12:30pm

3/16 – KXLU/The Smell Showcase – Domy Books (913 E Caesar Chavez St) – 4:20pm
3/17 – RethinkPopMusic Showcase – The Lodge (411 E 6th) – 6:00pm

(Savoir Adore)

Savoir Adore: This Brooklyn electro-pop duo will get your toes tapping in no time. Slow jams to groove along to and quicker pieces that will make you smile. The band is impossible to resist and you’ll be singing along by the chorus.

Performance schedule: 3/15 – New Shapes Day Party – Red Eyed Fly (715 Red River St) – 3:15 Outdoor Stage

3/16 – Wild Honeypie Party – Uncorked (900 E 7th) – 5:15pm

3/16 – Neon Gold Showcase – Karma Lounge (119 W 8th) – 10:00pm
3/17 – Red Ryder Showcase – Swan Dive (651 Red River St) – 8:00pm

(Sleepy Sun, Brett Wilde)

Sleepy Sun: It’s easy to fall in love with Sleepy Sun’s relaxed vibe. Moments of quiet give way to a solid wall of guitars and drums, creating an excellent balance of the two. The lead singer’s voice has a rough quality that rounds out their already complex sound.

Performance schedule: 3/14 – Ache Entertainment Showcase – Buffalo Billiards (201 E 6th) – 10:00pm
3/15 – Psych Fest Day Party – Spider House (2908 Fruth St) – 4:00pm
3/15 – Leafy Green Showcase – Bat Bar (218 E 6th) – 11:00pm

3/16 – Noise Pop Day Party – Red Eyed Fly (715 Red River St) – 5:00pm
3/16 – Panache Party – Spider House (2908 Fruth St) – 9:00pm

(St. Lucia)

St. Lucia: Jean-Philip Grobler, St. Lucia, is a Brooklynite via South Africa. His music is fun and danceable with hints of at least ten different genres of music per song. The tone of each piece shifts seamlessly throughout and the result is electric 80s pop heaven.

Performance schedule: 3/15- Sony Sales – Six Lounge – 12:45pm

3/15 – Neon Gold New Shapes Showcase – Red Eyed Fly – 4:15pm
3/16 – Neon Gold Showcase – Karma Lounge – 11:00pm

3/17 – The Spotify House – 1010 East Ceasar Chavez – 1:00am

(We Are Trees)

We Are Trees: James Nee pairs his vibrant voice sharp lyrics and a distinct sound that grows and shifts from song to song. Unexpectedly catchy and accessible.

Performance schedule: 3/14 – Frenchkiss Records – The Stage On 6th (508 E 6th) – 8:00pm

3/14 – Black Bell/Modern Art/Cantora Records Showcase – Side Bar (602 7th) – Time TBD

For a full schedule of SXSW music performances, click here. As always, questions or comments are always welcome here, via email or on Twitter. Have a great time at SXSW!


What Dancers Want: The Truth About Tights

1st December 2011

(Originally published in Dance Retailer News, December 2011)

Suzanne Limbrunner, Miami City Ballet
Rebecca Correia, California Ballet
Tyler Brown, The Ailey School

Download: WDW-December 2011


What Dancers Want: Winter Warm-Ups

1st November 2011

(Originally published in Dance Retailer News, November 2011)

Skylar Brandt, American Ballet Theatre
Amanda Rebisz, Knicks City Dancers
Ellenore Scott

Download: WDW-November 2011