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The Friday Five…

26th April 2014


Today we went on a field trip to the American Museum of Natural History, which I’ve been to so many times that I always forget that it’s kind of a big deal. The most exciting part of the trip (besides the massive whale in the Hall of Biodiversity) was going to the planetarium. I’ve only been inside a few times and I was so excited to let Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s voice wash over all of us. The kids were completely mesmerized (except for the kid next to me who was bouncing and nearly in tears because he had to pee so badly) and couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the day. Most of them said it was their favorite part of the museum visit, too. Though one child said that his favorite part was the elevator ride to the planetarium. It’s the little things.

In other news, I have a terrible problem where I leave a billion tabs open because I have links I want to pass along to people, but never do. Here are five to check out…

1. Ten Things Happy People Don’t Believe //
I appreciate that despite my regularly case of “The Feels,” I’m so very in line with these ten points. I do believe (unless you have a clinical issue) that happiness is a choice. It’s too easy to fall into negativity and to feel sorry for yourself. To be able to take the good with the bad and to understand that there are many ways to actively pursue positivity is what can make all the difference. Seeing the beauty in the universe and enjoying every minute of its radiance.

2. Sing-Ed Sheeran. //
I wasn’t totally on board the Sheeran train before this song, but now? Hell to the yes. So he’s basically a British version of Patrick Stump, right? I can work with this. Sing is completely addictive and poppy and hot and it has made my commute this week infinitely better.

3. One wonderful thing about being back at work is witnessing all of the wonderful moments of greatness that my students create. One of my students is obsessed with tattoos and art. He came in the other day with a little bookmark type flyer for a new tattoo shop that opened on our block. I encouraged him to draw the lovely work that he saw and he was able to replicate it beautifully! I instagrammed it and the shop owners gave him a thumbs up. The kid was thrilled.
photo 3

photo 1

4. NYC Tips and Etiquette-Nathan W. Pyle //
I saw this linked on tumblr and again on A Cup of Jo. I laughed so hard that I teared up because it’s so incredibly accurate. New York City is a magical and often rage-inducing place. I love it. It’s really not all that difficult to follow these rules. The basically boil down to this: don’t be a jerk and get the hell out of the way.

5. And the Waltz Goes On-Sir Anthony Hopkins //
Another tumblr find. Actor, Anthony Hopkins hears a waltz that he wrote 50 years ago for the very first time. Take a second to wrap your head around that. I had no idea that he had ever been a composer. To know that he wrote this waltz when he was just a teenager is astounding. It’s a beautiful piece of music and the look on his face throughout it just lovely.

I’m off to close my tabs now. Have a great weekend, friends! ♥

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16th October 2013


Last weekend was a good one. Does anyone else think that three day weekends should happen every weekend? Honestly, this five days of work v two days of rest thing is stupid. It’s just so unbalanced! Anyway, we were busy all weekend doing fun things. Friday night was the New York premiere of Broadway Idiot which chronicles the making of the Broadway show, American Idiot as well as Billie Joe Armstrong’s journey to being a theater performer! I’m hoping to post more about it later this week, but I’ll just say here that I loved every second of it and I wish that it had been a whole hour longer. It was super exciting to have the thrill of that show back in my life again and I was really excited (and kind of scared) to share it with Steven. But he dug it and I was over the moon, so everything was perfect. After a leisurely Saturday morning spent catching up on blogs and soaking in a steaming bubble bath (yessss), we headed down to the city to see Kinky Boots! SO MUCH YAYNESS! Drag queens and singing and hilarity and soul. All good things. Sunday was spent a local street fair (hence the pretzel braid of win) and yesterday? Chillaxing and checking out the new mall that opened up nearby. Score!

I realized I haven’t done a Currently post in a while, so here goes nothing..


Thinking about: My students and how teaching is the most ridiculous job in the universe. My teaching update last week has been stuck in my head for these past few days. I felt like I said too much, but also that I didn’t say nearly enough. During our staff meeting today, we started talking about discipline and management. We’ll be doing a book club on a series of positive discipline books and today we role played and discussed the worst displays of behavior that we’ve ever experienced from our students. There was a huge list on the board and I realized that within my first month at work, I had witnessed every single thing on the list. We also talked about how we thought our students were feeling as they acted out, how we felt as teachers/people, and what other people looking on may have seen. Looking over the list of teachers’ feelings was so…I don’t know. It didn’t make me happy, but I felt somewhat comforted that people had the same thoughts that I did. When you’re trying your best and the student is still acting out, it feels hopeless. You feel sad and angry and confused and a whole mix of things. Last week a kid spit on me, which has never ever happened to me before. I’ve been working with kids since I was a kid myself and when it happened, I was just trying to not react, but later on I felt completely demoralized. A week later and I’m still shock, but I’m happy that I haven’t let it affect my interactions with the child in question. We (as a class) have managed to have a few pretty good days and I’m hoping for more of the same.

Loving: These beautiful pieces from Alex and Ani. The Quill Feather Wrap is simple and lovely and thankfully, it’s also sold out which means I won’t be tempted to get it. I am signing up for updates, though. A Christmas gift to myself? Maybe.

I dig the Lotus Peace Petals bracelet for all that it spiritually represents. I’m not a Buddhist, but I enjoy reading about Buddhist practices and I think that everyone could stand to learn more about them, too. Enlightenment? Meditation? Peace? Compassion? Yes, please.

Munching on: Java Chip cookies from Fairway. We finally have one by me and everyone is losing their minds. Happy with what we’ve purchased so far, but these cookies could use a bit more espresso, I think.

Listening to: I recently re-added the Across the Universe soundtrack to my phone (thanks, Glee). I loved that entire film, but I remember especially enjoying the Happiness is a Warm Gun scene. I think it was the first time I had ever heard that song (don’t judge me) and it was such a stark difference from the happy ditties that I was used to. Joe Anderson’s voice is great, too.

Excited about: My Fundations workshop tomorrow! Yay for purposeful professional development!

Is anyone else adding some “currently” posts into the blogosphere? Feel free to share your links here, if you’d like. Hope you all had a terrific Tuesday! Thanks so much to Danielle of Sometimes Sweet for inspiring these posts. ♥

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18th August 2013


This week was all about the interview. I had three job interviews, two of which were excellent. I think I drove into the Bronx or Manhattan every single day this week, which I haven’t done in months, and I’m happy to announce that I accepted a position at New York City’s first ever public Montessori charter school. I’ll be an associate teacher in a lower elementary classroom (ages 6-9) and I’m absolutely terrified and excited a whole bunch of other emotions! The school is located in the South Bronx, which will be an interesting change from working on the Upper West Side for three years, but the staff couldn’t be more amazing. They all speak of the struggles within the community, but also of the triumphs and it’s clear that everyone cares very deeply not only about the Montessori philosophy, but also about the children. The school is new and still developing and I’m excited to be involved. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use some of my blogging/computer/passable-photo-skills to help support the school and students!

Okay, let’s get down to the Currently list…

Reading: I picked up a copy of Yes, Chef by chef Marcus Samuelsson at The Village Bookstore of Pleasantville (Great, great place. I cannot recommend it enough!) I love memoirs and I knew of Marcus Samuelsson (Hello, sir. I ate at your restaurant beneath your restaurant!), so I figured this would be a good fit. (The folks at the Village Bookstore also feature suggestions throughout the store and this was one of them. Seriously, go there.) I’m less than a third of the way in so far, but I’m in love with the crisp and descriptive language he uses to describe food and how it connects with his upbringing. Definitely excited to read more!

Here he is hanging and cooking with Eric Ripert!

Watching: Like everyone else, I have fallen in love with the new Netflix series Orange is the New Black. I’ve seen a few episodes and I want to know everything there is to know about the ladies in that prison. It feels special and fresh and here’s a great piece on why you should be watching, too!

The opening credits and theme song are fantastic.

Thinking: About the new Woody Allen film, Blue Jasmine. Steven and I went to see it last night and it was very powerful and not what I expected. The film is funny, engaging, touching, and sad. Cate Blanchett plays the title character with such amazing force. She’s Ruth Madoff. She’s Blanche DuBois. She’s every woman who has every been lied to. She’s every person who has looked the other way. She’s a liar and a manipulator, but she’s also a person suffering from so much. I would be shocked if Cate doesn’t get nominated for heaps of accolades because of her role in this movie. There’s a great, potentially “spoilery” bit of meta here along with these two interviews of Cate Blanchett discussing the film and her craft. She is so lovely and talented.

Excited about: My copy of the A Beautiful Mess: Photo Idea Book arrived in the mail yesterday! I’ve been flipping through the pages and getting super excited by all of the amazing ideas laid out in the pages! Elsie and Emma’s rundown of their 20 Favorite Photography Posts inspired me to buy their book. I love their blog already and I’m excited to start snapping away!

(Courtesy of ABeautifulMess.com)

(Courtesy of ABeautifulMess.com)

Loving: Oh, Welcome to Night Vale. Oh, oh, oh Welcome to Night Vale. This is a “radio show” about the strangest town in existence. There are angels (Angels do not exist!) and an Apache Tracker (We hate that guy!) and a dog park (There are no dogs allowed in the dog park!) and a glow cloud (All hail the glow cloud!). Like most people, I started seeing all sorts of art and posts about it on Tumblr which made me want to check it out. I’m not sure that I can really pin point why I like the show so much. Could it be Cecil’s voice? The “weather” reports? Carlos? Sweet, beautiful Carlos? The floating cat? It’s a combination of a lot of things. Mostly I like that it’s weird. It’s also the number one podcast in America, so if you’re not listening, you should get on that.

Thanks to Danielle of Sometimes Sweet for inspiring these posts! (Congrats on being a mama again! Yay for baby Charlie!) Have a great weekend, friends!

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1st July 2013


I’m back from my quick trip to Florida. As much as I’ll miss my family, I’m happy to be home. One of my favorite moments from my trip is pictured above. There’s nothing quite like shoving yourself into a photo booth with your two youngest cousins. I should note that I am the oldest of all of the grandchildren on my mom’s side, so it was especially nice to be with the “kids” (they’re not really kids anymore) since they live in Germany now and I never get to see them. I should also note that both of them are taller than I am and poor Josh had 70% of his body hanging out of the booth while we were taking these pictures. It was amazing to see how much they have both grown. Josh just graduated high school and Marissa turns 13 today! Of course realizing that they’re getting old reminds me that I’m getting old, too. Darn you, existence. Darn you.

Since I’m off for the summer and I actually have a little bit of time on my hands, I thought today would be a great day to re-start my Monday Night Digs posts. But after thinking about it for a bit, I think I’m going to switch to the format that inspired these posts to begin with, Danielle at Sometimes Sweet and her Currently posts. It seems a bit looser than what I was trying to do and I don’t have to give up just because I fail to post on a specific day of the week. Let’s give this a shot!

I’m currently…

Listening to:Bruno Mars! I’m heading to my first ever Bruno Mars show tonight and I’m super excited. After seeing/hearing enough interviews with him and watching this performance about a billion times, I decided that I really needed to see him live. I also think I need to be friends with the bros in his band.

I still don’t own any of his records, only singles, but I’ve liked every song of his that has come out. Except maybe the one that has the gorillas in the video because gorillas are terrifying. Still, I’m stoked to get my dance on tonight!

Watching:Teen Wolf. Anyone who knows me in real life or follows me on Tumblr or Twitter knows how much I love Teen Wolf. I’ve always enjoyed shows with supernatural elements and Teen Wolf is the perfect blend of horror, drama, and utter ridiculousness that I adore. I feel like nothing ever makes sense, but I love it any way! I actually think I probably wrote about Teen Wolf for a Monday Night Digs post once, but I’m too lazy to look for it. If you’re interested in watching a show with lots of attractive people–fierce ladies who are smart and will kill you and dudes who happen to take their shirts off for no reason at all–then Teen Wolf is the show for you.

For your reading pleasure, a (SPOILERY) primer of sorts: Teen Wolf 101: An introduction to the eighth wonder of our world.

For your viewing pleasure, it seems there have been at least ten Teen Wolf fan videos set to the tune of Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive.” I have probably watched every single one of them and it has now solidified a Pavlovian response to the song. Hear song. Think of werewolves. Done.

For your clicking pleasure, the official Teen Wolf Tumblr. Run by trolls. Gotta love it.

Eating: Reheated Pad Thai. Why is it that reheated food is rarely as good as it was the first day? It’s one of the great mysteries of the universe.

Loving: My new Charlotte Ronson Starbucks cup! I fell in love with it when I touched down in Tampa and when I saw it again at a mall near my grandpa’s house, I seriously considered buying it. But guess what? My aunt, uncle, and cousins totally bought it for me right behind my back. They used their crazy eye signals to orchestrate the entire thing, while I was in the Starbucks with them. I still don’t quite understand how the hell they pulled it off, but I’m happy they did. It’s so pretty. So are Charlotte Ronson’s fashion designs.


Digging: My new bathing suits from ModCloth! ModCloth has always been a tricky site for me, because my body type isn’t always right for the designs they feature. What I do love about ModCloth is the fact that they have a great return policy (free shipping) and whenever I have needed assistance, their reps have gotten in touch with me right away. After complaining about the lack of interesting bathing suits in my local department stores some friends recommended I check out swimsuits from ModCloth. There were a few that I had actually already been looking at already, so I went ahead and spent the cash. The suits were a bit pricey, but I love the patterns and overall style!

1. Bathing Beauty One Piece in Garden
Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 2.42.42 PM

2. Fruity Suity One Piece
Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 2.42.05 PM

Excited about: I’m a new reader of Miss Indie’s blog and when she posted a photography challenge, I decided I wanted to be involved. My project 366 thing is still happening, but I have completely given up on tagging/numbering my posts (just like last year), so I thought this would be a more manageable way to a)keep track of photos b)get inspiration for new pictures. If you want to follow along, here’s the full challenge list! How fabulous that it’s pouring in New York right now and the first thing I need to photograph is a pair of sunglasses.


What are you currently up to/digging? Let me know!

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Monday Night Digs

26th March 2013


I have my Monday Night Digs post from last week saved in my queue. Like the failbot that I am, I never actually posted it. Oops! I started my spring break last week, so I’ll use that as an excuse. I’m entering week two of my “staycation,” which has been pretty nice so far. I’ve been able to sleep beyond 5 a.m. which is always a luxury. I’ve had some nice cuddles with my dog and have spent a lot of time with my grandma and aunt (85 and 94, respectively). I’ve missed being available to them during the day for errands and doctor’s appointments, so I’m happy to be helping them as much as I can. More on that later this week. Here’s what I’m digging now!

Music: Steven’s folks invited us to the Mohegan Sun (one word: Margaritaville) to see Sully Erna perform.


I wasn’t familiar with the name, but after consulting Google, I found out that he was the lead singer of Godsmack. My knowledge of Godsmack is limited to a handful of songs. Especially this one: Voodoo.

Who knew that this brooding, chanting dude would be very funny and personable? Sully released an album called Avalon a few years ago and he played some of those tracks along with Godmack songs and new material at the show. I was pleasantly surprised by the tunes, his amazing band, and the number of socially conscious tracks he performed. Here’s a taste of his solo material:

Sinner’s Prayer

Television: Not watching anything new, but certainly anticipating the return of Doctor Who! I love following the Doctor on all of his mad adventures. Also excited about the new companion. Oswin? Clara? Who is she and why is she so adorable?

Matt and Jenna

He is perfect.

And if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, Entertainment Weekly has a helpful post all about the good Doctor and his show.

Books: I really liked this article: 22 Things Happy People Do Differently. I would say that most of the time, despite what you may see on this blog, I’m a pretty happy person. I like to smile, I like to enjoy the moment (when I pull my head out of my butt for long enough), and I love seeing people who are happy, too. A lot of these rang true for me, but the most important point was about treating people with kindness. A simple “thank you” can work miracles.

Things that make me happy: Coffee and a bestie. (Congrats on the new job, Liddy! ♥)

Internet: Digital media+Jane Austen=The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. The finale is coming up and I’m not sure that I’m ready to say goodbye to everyone, but I’m glad that this was a part of my life for the past few months. (This series deserves a heck of a lot more than the sentence I just wrote about it, but I’m super tired and not fully capable of forming coherent sentences at the moment. Just trust me. It’s good.)

What are you digging?

(As always, big ups to Danielle Hampton (@danihampton) of Sometimes Sweet for letting me steal her “Currently” idea!)

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